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Minister of Youth and Missions

Job Description

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I. Primary Function: Youth Minister

To provide ministerial leadership in developing, planning, conducting, and evaluating a comprehensive youth and college-age ministry that is consistent with the ministry of the church. This is to be accomplished in collaboration with the Youth Ministry Team and the Senior Pastor. 

II. Secondary Function: Missions Minister

To provide ministerial leadership in promoting and planning church-wide mission efforts that are consistent with the mission of the church. This is to be accomplished in collaboration with the Mission Vision team and the Senior Pastor. (Examples could include, but are not limited to: audio-visual screening (live video), prison ministry, local outreach efforts, stateside trips, overseas trips.

III. Primary Role: Ministry Responsibilities Related to Youth and College-Age ("Youth" Includes College-age)

  • Develop and implement Christ-centered youth ministry and promote spiritual growth

  • Direct and use of ministry materials, equipment, supplies, and space utilization by youth group

  • Plan and coordinate special events (retreats, camps, mission projects, and trips, etc.) that touch all youth at various levels of spiritual maturity

  • Provide ongoing Bible study and discipleship that focuses on relevant youth issues

  • Develop healthy relationships with parents and guardians of all youth, providing resources for them to assist in their growth as Christian parents and to support them as needed (counseling, retreats, etc.)

  • Keep abreast of youth trends and resources needed to serve as an advisor to the church on adolescence

  • Be a visible support to the students and parents whenever possible

  • Follow up with visitors to Bethany who have youth/college-age kids

  • Plan and oversee a comprehensive budget for youth ministry

IV. Secondary Role: Ministry Responsibilities Related to Missions

  • Promote and facilitate local missions opportunities/training events (examples include, but are not limited to, Prison, NAMB, PMBA

  • Act as the "point person" for planning and promoting stateside and global-mission trips; this would be in collaboration with ministerial staff and Mission Vision Team, with input from congregation

  • Serve as staff liaison to work with Mission Vision Team in its responsibilities

  • Assist in audio/visual needs in mission efforts

V. Other Responsibilities

  • Assist pastoral staff and volunteers with weekly audio/visual ministry

  • Attend staff meetings

  • Serve as a member of the Church Council

  • Maintain a harmonious relationship with staff, lay workers, and congregation by working within a team concept

  • Participate in conducting worship services as directed

  • Assist in planning special events involving youth ministry participants (VBS, community outreach activities, etc.

  • Keep Senior Pastor abreast of areas above

  • Assist with other duties as assigned by the Senior Pastor

  • This is a full-time salaried position with benefits​

VI. Accountability

The Minister of Youth is responsible to the Senior Pastor who will supervise, evaluate, and provide a report of evaluation to the Personnel Committee.

NOTE: Interim personnel are not eligible to apply for the Youth and Missions Minister position without resigning from interim position.

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